From September 18. - 20. 2018 the Clostridium XV Conference will be held in at the Technical University of Munich Campus in Freising.


About the Conference

The Clostridium XV Organizing Committee warmly invites you to attend the 15th International Conference on the Genetics, Physiology, and Synthetic Biology of Solvent- and Acid-Forming Clostridia, to be held at the Technical University Munich in Freising, Bavaria.

Members of the Organizing Committee are Wolfgang Liebl, Armin Ehrenreich, Ana Lopez-Contreras,  Lee Lynd, Nigel Minton, George N Bennett, Peter Dürre, Terry Papoutsakis, Weihong Jiang and Philippe Soucaille 

The genus Clostridium is a large, heterologous assemblage of microorganisms, unified by their ability to form spores and characterized by great biocatalytic diversity.  Whilst Clostridium species have achieved notoriety as human and animal pathogens, most members of this genus are entirely benign and many have distinctive features of interest for production of fuels and chemicals.  Initiated in 1990 (Salisbury, UK), the Clostridium meetings have been held every two years, generally alternating between the USA and Europe. The 2016 meeting was held at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.  These meetings have become the leading forum in the field, and owe their success to both to the quality of the science presented and the informal and welcoming atmosphere. As with past meetings, it is anticipated that Clostridium XV will be of value to both academia and industry, and to senior and young researchers alike.

From 22. September to 7. October the famous "Oktoberfest" takes place in Munich. This could be a niche extension to your stay in the Munich area after the Clostridium XV conference. 

The conference takes place in the central lecture room building (building 4214) at Maximus-von-Imhof-Forum 6 in lecture room HS16.

Location of Clostridium XV Conference